Ohlins RXF 48 MX Fork - Yamaha YZ250F/450F

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Ohlins RXF 48 MX Fork - Yamaha YZ250F/450F

Achieve faster lap times and smoother landings with the Öhlins RXF 48 S front fork. Building on the developments of its predecessor, the latest version of this popular offroad fork delivers improved stability, defined position, and settled movement—without compromising on comfort. Experience the same top-caliber performance as pro riders in the Enduro, Motocross, and Supercross series.

The latest version of our RXF 48 S front fork for the Yamaha YZ 250F and YZ 450F (2014-2023) features a number of internal improvements within the damping system, in addition to external modifications to the lower fork legs for race-winning performance on track. 

Updated damping system

The key improvements to the RXF 48 S fork are found in the cartridge kit, which boasts a new piston holder and redesigned internal valve componentry, as well as a reconfigured shim stack layout. These updates provide a range of benefits, including increased stability, enhanced rigidity, precise front wheel feedback, controlled movement, and the ability to handle bigger impacts. Alongside these new upgrades, the RXF 48 S retains the same exceptional traction and controlled response of its predecessor. 

Lower fork leg enhancements

The RXF 48 S also features several improvements to the lower fork legs. To withstand the impact of hitting stones and landing hard after long jumps, the fork legs are made from a new aluminum alloy material. A refined micro-finishing process has been applied to the golden TiN (Titanium Nitride) surface treatment, enhancing the forks’ scratch-resistant properties, and effectively reducing friction against the bushings and seals. 

Öhlins have also applied a new flex-honing process to the inner tubes to ensuring optimal contact area with the main springs. Traction and stability are enhanced, giving you the confidence to conquer more challenging terrain when you ride. The final touch on the updated RXF 48 S front fork is an updated decal, featuring the iconic Öhlins “Ö” logo in our signature blue color. 

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  • Unique and further improved cartridge kit with Öhlins TTX technology
  • New inner tube surface treatment for reduced friction
  • New aluminum alloy fork bottom material for added strength and resistance
  • New piston holder for easier maintenance
  • New stickers to protect the outer tube
  • Gold TiN coating (Titanium-nitride) surface treatment
  • Angled compression adjuster for easy access
  • Rebound adjuster underneath the fork
  • Hydraulic stops for great bottoming resistance
  • Top out springs for greater progressive feel at the top of the stroke
  • Öhlins’ signature blue and gold color scheme
  • Designed for use with Öhlins fluids and spare parts


  • Damp Tech - RXF 48
  • Length - 946mm
  • Material - Aluminum
  • Oil - Öhlins 1330
  • Spring - 08765-47
  • Spring Rate - 4.7
  • Stroke - 301