Brembo 19x20 LL Forged Radial Brake M/C

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Brembo 19x20 LL Forged Radial Brake M/C

A brake master cylinder obtained through forging dedicated to those who love the thrill of riding on the track.

Forging is a process of plastic deformation of metals which increases mechanical resistance and consequently the final quality.

Absolutely reliable, this billet machined brake master cylinder allows maximum readiness and perfectly modular braking in any conditions of use with excellent linearity between the force the rider applies to the lever and the braking response, thereby achieving an extraordinary braking feeling.
The brake master cylinder uses a 19 mm diameter piston, double disc, a lever centre distance of 20 and a long lever.

A laser marking indicates the diameter of the piston and the lever centre distance.
This Component is designed and manufactured to be used exclusively in racing competitions and, therefore,
the product shall be installed  through specific adapters not included in the packaging of the component.