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Brembo 10x17.7 MX Cast Clutch M/C

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This is a cast aluminium alloy clutch master cylinder designed specifically for motorcross, particularly where sprint and speed are required. Because of the optimum machining tolerances the clutch master cylinder is extremely lightweight.

The clutch master cylinder allows maximum readiness and perfectly modulable clutch control even in extreme conditions with excellent linearity between the force the rider applies to the lever and the friction response.

The clutch master cylinder uses a 10 mm diameter piston, a lever centre distance of 17.7 and also has remote lever adjustment, specific for Off Road.

This clutch master cylinder is successfully used in motocross competitions. For all enthusiasts it represents a true Brembo classic, able to provide total reliability and excellent performance.

The laser machined Brembo Racing logo is prominently displayed on the clutch master cylinder.