Brembo 108mm Radial .484 Billet Caliper Kit

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The new Brembo “.484” caliper aims to meet the needs of those who want to improve their braking system performance, giving the bike a strong Café Racer connotation.

This new caliper is made entirely from billet, starting with a block of aluminium machined with the most modern Cam technologies available. The two semi-calipers are then joined with three steel screws located within the wheel side.

The caliper body houses four 32 mm diameter pistons.

The name “.484” is derived from the displacement of an individual caliper piston measured in cubic inches, typical of the VTwin market.

This caliper uses radial mounting technology in order to guarantee maximum operating precision. The brake pads slide in specific guides, machined onto the body of the caliper itself, which allow brake pad pins to be eliminated.

Finishing of the caliper is obtained with an anthracite black hard oxidation treatment, whereas the big Brembo logo, in its characteristic red colour, is placed at the top of the piston on the disc entry side.

The pair of calipers comes in a kit that includes: pre-mounted sintered brake pads, specific instruction sheet and a pair of Brembo stickers.