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Poweroad PLFP-20L Lithium-Ion Battery

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Poweroad PLFP-20L Lithium-Ion Battery


Poweroad PLFP-20L Lithium-Ion Battery

360CCA - 12V 72Wh - 148x86x105

  • Cold temp performance with outstanding cold crank power
  • Dynamic Charge Acceptance, Super-fast charging rate through high current
  • Low self-discharge can start vehicle after 12 months storage*
  • Light weight up to 60% lighter then comparable lead acid batteries
  • Robust brass terminal offers enhanced electrical and mechanical performance
  • Heat resistance 230 high temperature resistance case thanks to formulated flame-retardant case material
  • Waterproof silicone sealant makes excellent sealing performance
  • Safe and Environmentally friendly is Non-Toxic, no acid fill, no lead risk, no heavy metals


Replaces Std Lead Acid Batteries:

Y50-N18L-A-CX Y50-N18L-A Y50-N18L-A2
Y50N18L-A3 Y50-N18L-AT ETX14L