Oxford Oximiser 601 Battery Charger

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Oxford Oximiser 601 Battery Charger


Oxford Oximiser 601 Battery Charger

Oximiser 601 can be left permanently connected to provide guaranteed long term battery care.
Quickly charges battery at up to 600mA/hour until full and maintains a gentle trickle charge to keep battery optimised. Do not use on Lithium batteries.

  • Essential Battery Optimiser
  • Suitable for 12V automotive battery types up to 30Ah including: Gel, AGM and maintenance free
  • Recovers deeply discharged batteries
  • Protected against short circuits
  • 2 year guarantee 

3 Stage battery management system:

Polarity Check:
Checks the battery leads have been connected correctly

Bulk Fast Charge:
Charges at a fast rate to bring the battery to approximately 85% capacity

Float Charge:
Applies a small float charge current to maintain voltage